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Privacy Policy

Your data will only be processed by On Site Machining bv for customer management purposes based on direct marketing and to offer you new products or services based on our legitimate business interest and this will only happen if you have already filled out one of the available forms on our site.

If you do not want us to process your data for direct marketing purposes, please let us know at You can also use this address to ask us what data we are processing about you and to correct or delete it.

PERSONAL DATA AND HOW WE PROCESS IT uses various techniques to keep track of who visits the website, how this visitor behaves on the website, and which pages are visited. This is a common way of working for websites because it provides information that contributes to the quality of the user experience. The information we register via cookies includes IP addresses, browser type and pages visited.

We also monitor where visitors first visit the website and from which page they leave. We keep this information anonymous and are not linked to any other personal information.


Door de informatie en de diensten op te gebruiken, gaat u akkoord met onze privacy policy en de voorwaarden die wij hierin hebben opgenomen.


Cookies are small text files from a website that are stored on your hard drive. These small text files allow you to use a website more easily by storing your preferences. 
Cookies themselves do not contain any personal information. We may analyze the information derived from these cookies and match it with the information provided by you or another party.


You can choose to disable cookies. You do this by accessing the features of your browser. You can find more information about these options on the website of your browser provider.

USE OF COOKIES ON OUR WEBSITE uses cookies to collect information about the use of the website so we can improve the user experience and make it more user-friendly for everyone. Such as what pages our visitors pay more attention to but also to constantly check the functionality of the website.

On our website, several cookies are present, both functional and analytical cookies. These are necessary to understand the experiences of our website visitors. We only use necessary cookies and no tracking methods such as third-party cookies.

If you prefer not to, you can always contact On Site Machining Bv to find a suitable solution together.

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